25 maaliskuuta 2015

Hair maintenance

Yesterday finally came it was already anticipated maintenance day. In the past, the planned timetable slightly changed, but yesterday I was able to sit down BPhair Salon bench and wonderfully Iina processing. The hair was already very much in need of maintenance. My hair was so much increased the length of the tape longed for lifting and the color was already able to fade, as the pictures below you can see...

This was the starting point... faded color and root growth

my hair had grown a lot and the tapes had to lift


panic ponytail on and go...

My own hair.... oh, I felt almost bald when an extensions was taken out. The background shows BPhair's "hair wall". The incredible range of top-quality extensions, including something for everyone <3 I love to watch this wall, and the design of new styles ... I think I have come to love the hair, which is just an incurable

hair Coloring

And the results <3 the perfect color

Obligatory toiletselfie :D

this picture shows very well how much hair is actually placed. Many would imagine that a large number of tapes already feel bad. I can tell you that do not feel bad. When you put on a very high professional quality extensions in a professional manner, the extensions are like your own hair.

I love this color. The best thing about these extensions is a very high quality in addition to stunning color that look their best in different lights. Hair is always in a different light in a slightly different tone.

I had with me a new treatment series with my hair, which I can test. This is a series of publish your presentation writing as soon as I get the products properly tested.

I had a wonderful day. When you are a mother, a small private time professional treatment is like a piece of heaven on earth. Thank you Iina <3

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